8 Natural Holistic Herbal Remedies


Herbs are the most popular kind of alternative medicine in the United States, based on the recent Harvard study which established that 38 million Americans mutually spend $4.2 billion on herbal medicine each year. Knowing more about how medicinal works can help you cure common diseases and ailments more effectively.


Herbs for Wellness

Some herbs are useful to almost everyone when used regularly. They include the following:

  1. Garlic for Cholesterol Control and Cancer Prevention. Majority of the garlic studies show that it decreases cholesterol and helps prevent heart disease. Garlic also helps avoid several kinds of cancer and helps avert prostate, esophageal, stomach and bladder cancer.
  2. Ginkgo for Mental Intelligence. Ginkgo boosts blood circulation through the brain, and it is best-known for its ability to delay the development of Alzheimer’s disease. It also improves memory in healthy adults of all ages, according to some studies.

Herbs to Treat Common Complaints

Though herbal medicine is not the answer for every condition, herbs can be used efficiently to medicate many health disorders, such as those below.

  1. Cranberry for Urinary Tract Infection. Cranberry juice and the dried berries and extract help us protect against infection by averting bacteria from sticking to the bladder wall.
  2. Echinacea for Colds. The root and sometimes the above ground parts of this daisy like flower have been proven to improve the immune system and help the body combat colds. Some studies have exposed no treatment benefit, but most show that echinacea reduces cold symptoms and hastens recapture.
  3. Ginger for Motion Sickness and Morning Sickness. Studies show that pregnant women who use ginger have significantly less nausea associated with morning sickness. Several studies show that the herb also eliminates motion sickness. To keep motion sickness defensively, take a capsule containing 1,000 milligrams of powdered ginger root about an hour before you set about, and every two hours during your travel.
  4. Milk Thistle for Liver Disease. Normal medicine doesn’t have any wonder drugs for liver disease (hepatitis, cirrhosis), but milk thistle seeds can help. They contain three mixtures, known collectively as silymarin, that have an extraordinary ability to look after and heal the liver. Italian researchers have proven that milk thistle quickens recovery from hepatitis. Several studies have shown that the herb helps cure alcoholic cirrhosis. It also helps avoids liver damage from potent drugs.
  5. St. John ‘S Wort for Depression. While some studies recommend otherwise, majority show that St. John’s wort, in capsules or tablets, works as well as Prozac and Zoloft for easing mild to moderate depression, and causes fewer side effects.
  6. Valerian for Insomnia. Valerian’s centuries-old status as a sleeping aid has been authenticated by many studies. And compare to other many sleeping pills, valerian is not addictive.