ABC’s of Comprehensive Migraine Pain Prevention and Treatment


Holistic migraine pain prevention and treatment is a not a new method but one that is gaining more followers as side effects of treatments become more popular.

There are a number of holistic ways that may be currently used by those looking to prevent or treat their migraine pain in a more natural technique, but the best way to remember them is with the ABC of holistic migraine pain prevention and treatment.

* A stands for acupuncture. The therapeutic acupuncture needles have been in used for thousands of years, but migraine sufferers can now take advantage of their healing powers. Known to move the free flowing bodily energy, the acupuncture needles open up limited blood vessels and other areas of the body that seem to be stopping the free flowing energy. There has been a marked success for migraine sufferers who receive acupuncture treatments when they feel the start of an episode, but in some cases acupuncture during the actual migraine attack can also serve to shorten its duration.

* B refers to biofeedback. Biofeedback is not a fresh discipline, and in the past it was mainly a tool used for reducing stress and associated disorders. As such, biofeedback is used now most heavily to help a patient become fully aware of bad habits or adverse physical reactions to external influences. Stress, for example, may cause some to grind their teeth or clench their muscles. With the help of biofeedback, the patient will become aware of these habits and when stress occurs, she or he will knowingly work at relaxing clenched muscles and keeping the mouth calm. Since stress is a major cause for migraine pain, the use of biofeedback will alert the patient to a situation that may eventually turn into a stress induced migraine, thus heading it off at the beginning.

* C signifies the use of vitamin C. Citrus fruits and even basic supplementation with this vitamin is thought to boost the bodily excretion of certain hormones that combat the pain of migraines. In some situations, they may actually counteract the trigger effect of certain bodily disharmonies.

Though the ABC of holistic migraine pain prevention and treatment is completely natural and healthy, it is best to discuss any of these steps with a doctor prior to trying them. In the end, there may be some persuasive medical reasons why a patient should abstain from acupuncture, biofeedback, or vitamin C supplementation.

At the same time, it is important to know that all of these holistic means may need to be used in harmony with one another, and any one on a standalone basis may not provide up the pain relief that is hoped for. Perhaps the best course of action is an appointment with an osteopathic expert who combines the whole body approach to a patient’s migraine suffering, prevention and treatment.