Do Jumping Rope to Burn More Fats


When we were children, jumping rope was a part of having great time in the outdoors. We played games and had contest to see who the best are.

Jumping rope is one of the best natural exercises to burn fat and calories. But, this is not an elementary kind of jumping rope anymore unless you were used to Double Dutch.

When most kids jump rope they bounce at the bottom to give themselves a little break before making another pass with the rope. This way of jump is more like what you would see on a Rocky movie in the gym. Boxers jump rope for speed, strength and increased lung capacity. You are in that ring for a long time and you don’t want to get breathless.

Jumping rope targets all of the muscle groups of the body when done right. Of course your heart and lungs are getting a test here. But, you are also working your legs, particularly your calf muscles.

Someone who is jumping fast doesn’t have time to put theirwhole foot on the floor so only the ball of the foot touches. That means that the work is focused in the calves.

Your arms are working to turn the rope. In particular, your forearms and wrists are doing the work here. Unlike in grade school, your arms are kept at your sides with only the wrists moving to advance the rope.

And, throughout the whole workout, your abdominal muscles are keeping everything in balance. Keeping a tight core (including the back muscles) tones that area and also helps you stay in right alignment for the exercise.

Try jumping rope for thirty seconds without pausing at the bottom to bounce. You were probably gasping after the first fifteen seconds. Some people jump for minutes on end. It takes a lot of getting used to because it is a high impact exercise.

When you do an exercise like this the body discharges the hormone HGH. It is naturally-occurring in the body. The aim of this hormone is to burn body fat. When you keep a high intensity level of exercise like jumping rope, your body discharges more of it.

If you can keep going for at least a minute at a time, you will see a lot more fat-burning potential than with low intensity workouts.

The way to get this hormone to secrete in abundance is to step up your workouts, and adding jump rope exercises is the way to do it. Alternate a minute of jumping rope with a minute of lower intensity work like the treadmill. Do this for thirty minutes at first until you get the hang of it, and then increase your time.

Are you looking to get the most fat-burning potential from your training? Try jumping rope alone or add it to your exercise routine. It is one of the best ways to excrete its natural fat-burning hormone.