Homeopathy is a gentle and effective way of treating sick children and even newborn babies as it has no side effects and its boost’s there immune system to fight the infection and disease.

Homeopathy helps your child build a stronger immune system to fight infection and disease.

Every child born in this world is unique with his/her own predispositions, characteristics and constitutions thus they can react differently to the same stressor. A Homeopath is trained to notice these subtle differences and prescribe accordingly.

In these modern times of living in a fast paced world many children are suffering with chronic conditions and behavioral and concentration issues.

Homeopathy has a reputation for curing childhood diseases. Children are greatly benefited for the following conditions:

Allergiesand Asthma





Eruptions, dermatitis and eczemas,

Urinary Tract Infection.

ADD/ADHD and Autism.