Using ConventionalMedicine with Homeopathy

Many people ask, “What if I am taking conventional medicine from my doctor?” The first thing you need to do is relax. Homeopathy can safely be taken or used alongside with prescription drugs. No homeopath expert should ever ask you to stop taking medication recommended by your own health doctor.

Do Not Stop Taking Your Medication

Decreasing or stopping prescribed drugs without guidance may result tosevere problems: so, do not do it!

Some conventionalmedications may interact with others. As some patients may be using five, ten or even more drugs at a time, no one, not even their health doctor, can know what the likely effect will be. There has been very little study in this area.

During a homeopathic talk, always need to know what medicines you are using, both prescribed and over-the-counter. You need to keep a record of any charges in your prescription as time goes on.

Your Need for Medication May Reduce

You yourself may have fears about your medication. Some people are hopeless about side effects, and some do not want to rely on drugs all their lives. Some find recommended medication unproductive. It can sometimes be harder to establish which signs and symptoms are your own, and which have been changed by drug treatment, or are side effects.

When you receive long-term homeopathic medication, in some cases it may be possible to decrease dependency on drugs. Side effects may also be decreased. However, you should never change your prescribed medicine without talking it with the health doctor who prescribed it.

Interactions with Medicines or Herbs

There can occasionally be connections betweendrugs/medical conditions, and herbs or vitamins. 

This includes interactions with chemotherapy. 

Do not complicate homeopathy with these.Homeopathy has no strong chemicals, unlike drugs, or even herbs or vitamins, so there are no chemical interactions are

Homeopathy will not hinder with any drug treatment. 

Homeopathy will not prevent with any herbs or vitamins.

Homeopathy is even safe with cancer treatments like chemotherapy or radiotherapy, but it is important that you should discuss your case with your consultant. It is better if we all work together with no misconception.

Homeopathy works by boosting your own natural balancing and healing mechanisms, and not by medicating any illness directly. If you follow instructions, recommended homeopathic treatments have no side effectsHowever, itvariesfor over-the-counter homeopathic treatments that are taken without professional guidance

Should I Tell My Doctor?

Most homeopath specialist encourages you to keep your relationship with your health doctor. They also always reassure you to inform your doctor of any natural treatment you are taking or using, although this remains your choice. This is very important if you are using conventional cancer treatment. Herbs and natural remedies may influence this, though homeopathic treatment is safe. You may want to ask your doctor to discuss with your homeopath specialist for guarantee about any possible interactions.