Who am I?

I have a formal education of the conventional method of treating the sick. As a student of science and medicine I was fascinated by Homeopathy and its potential of serving the sick. After graduation and holding an MD degree I soon became dissatisfied with the ability of the conventional method of treating the sick especially in chronic diseases. Allopathy has its own place in treating emergencies and Surgery.

I was looking for an alternative method of treatment when my daughter was born and diagnosed with Celiac Disease which is a condition where a person is allergic to wheat. I was told to stop all wheat products as there was no cure for her in the Allopathic way of treatment. My search for cure brought me to Homeopathy. To my surprise she was cured fully with only a couple of doses of Phosphorus 200.

This was a Eureka moment for me. It opened the fascinating world of Homeopathy for me. I have a keen interest and passion for Homeopathy. I am a practitioner and a student of Homeopathy since more than 24 years. Homeopathy has seldom failed me and it still amazes me with its miraculous cures.

My passion for homeopathy is continually growing by the remarkable healing process I witnessed through my 24 years of association with Homeopathy.

My goal as a Homeopath is to help others regain their health and vitality.